About me

So about me…

Well, I am Daniel Grey, I live in the Garden of England, also called Kent. I’ve always loved technology, therefore, after high school I chose to study Engineering at university, and have worked for 8 years in the automotive industry.

If you arrived here, then you must be like me and enjoy spend time on internet. I do it for fun, to discover new things, to see pictures of places will certainly never see in my life, to socialise and share my experience with people.

I discovered late this passion for the web, but soon after I understood the great potential of having a tool connecting me to the rest of the world in my living room. At that moment, I was trying to raise money to buy my first house…. and I have to say that, as a young engineer, my salary allowed me to choose between having fun and spend the next 10 years in my parent’s house or stop socialising and get the house. Hard choice, so I took both!

How did I do that?! I used the tools which were right in front of me: my computer and internet connection. After hours, days and weeks of online research and discussion on forum, I discovered a large range of way to make money online (Adsense, Blog for money, Ebay business, FX online, Affiliate Marketing,… ). Some were good, other poorly efficient and the rest just scam. So I tried, tested and applied methodology used in the industry to set my own internet business.

Now that I’m successful and make a living from my online business, I would like to share my knowledge, ideas and tools with people looking for some guidance. So, to you behind your screen, either you don’t have IT skills but want to make extra cash, or are an Internet Marketer looking for new tools, I salute you!