How to find a Niche market?

Affiliate Marketing is a great and lucrative activity if done properly. As an entrepreneur with limited budget (even if you have money, you can certainly not compete with some leading companies), the major part of your Affiliate Marketing should be focus on Niche Market! Before to go further and explain how to find a Niche market, I would like to clarify this concept.

A Niche market is a group of people interested in a topic, or searching for a solution to a problem, and not being able to find a lot of relevant results. Most of the time the Niche is a sub part of a larger industry.

And you know what is interesting for your business; you can take advantage of a Niche and receive low-cost and highly relevant traffic for your Niche marketing website that answers to their problem. This audience is easier to target compare with the boarder topics as understand and see clearly the needs.

You have to keep in mind one big point about Niche market, at the moment advertiser use only 15 to 20% of all keywords available. So, it literately offers you millions of keywords to focus on. As I said earlier, the Niche is a sub category of an industry, so the keywords follow this logic.

Now, let’s see the process to find a Niche market. Say you are looking to promote a product within the furniture industry. Obviously the search term “TV” is not a Niche market, too broad and almost impossible to convert. So let’s dig down:

  • TV
  • LCD TV, Plasma TV, Cathodic TV
  • 32” LCD TV, 42” LCD TV, 72” LCD TV
  • White 72” LCD TV, 72” LCD TV with DVD player, 72” 3D LCD TV
  • 72” 3D LCD TV with Blu-ray player….
  • …… and so on.

In this example, I started with a keyword as broad as TV and expanded upon it, digging down several tiers until we found a niche.  “72” 3D LCD TV” is a niche, but “72” 3D LCD TV with Blu-ray player ” is an even more targeted niche.  You can take any keyword and break it down into smaller niches to obtain the first component of a “niche market”. I’m not saying that you should go out and sell giant TV with 3D glasses, but this is how you can dig down to find niche markets.

Personally I do this exercise with my wife. We seat 30min and do a brainstorming, drop on paper or on the screen all that come to our mind. The results can be funny and very far from the starting point.

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