How to find a Niche market?

Affiliate Marketing is a great and lucrative activity if done properly. As an entrepreneur with limited budget (even if you have money, you can certainly not compete with some leading companies), the major part of your Affiliate Marketing should be focus on Niche Market! Before to go further and explain how to find a Niche market, I would like to clarify this concept.

A Niche market is a group of people interested in a topic, or searching for a solution to a problem, and not being able to find a lot of relevant results. Most of the time the Niche is a sub part of a larger industry.

And you know what is interesting for your business; you can take advantage of a Niche and receive low-cost and highly relevant traffic for your Niche marketing website that answers to their problem. This audience is easier to target compare with the boarder topics as understand and see clearly the needs.

You have to keep in mind one big point about Niche market, at the moment advertiser use only 15 to 20% of all keywords available. So, it literately offers you millions of keywords to focus on. As I said earlier, the Niche is a sub category of an industry, so the keywords follow this logic.

Now, let’s see the process to find a Niche market. Say you are looking to promote a product within the furniture industry. Obviously the search term “TV” is not a Niche market, too broad and almost impossible to convert. So let’s dig down:

  • TV
  • LCD TV, Plasma TV, Cathodic TV
  • 32” LCD TV, 42” LCD TV, 72” LCD TV
  • White 72” LCD TV, 72” LCD TV with DVD player, 72” 3D LCD TV
  • 72” 3D LCD TV with Blu-ray player….
  • …… and so on.

In this example, I started with a keyword as broad as TV and expanded upon it, digging down several tiers until we found a niche.  “72” 3D LCD TV” is a niche, but “72” 3D LCD TV with Blu-ray player ” is an even more targeted niche.  You can take any keyword and break it down into smaller niches to obtain the first component of a “niche market”. I’m not saying that you should go out and sell giant TV with 3D glasses, but this is how you can dig down to find niche markets.

Personally I do this exercise with my wife. We seat 30min and do a brainstorming, drop on paper or on the screen all that come to our mind. The results can be funny and very far from the starting point.

Read my post about Adwords and learn the worse mistakes you must not to make when trying to bring traffic on your Niche website.

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Top 20 Mistakes using Google Adwords to get Targeted Traffic!

Every day, millions of people are searching on Google. Even more interesting, every day 80% of sales made online come from a research on a search engines! So, it means that costumers know what they want but don’t know where to find it. Here comes the best use of Google Adwords to get targeted traffic.



For those not familiar with Pay-Per-Click and Google Adwords, it is the advertising tool that displays contextual ads when using Google (on the side and top of the window). The advertiser bid on specific keywords or long tail keywords to have his ad appearing when someone use these terms in a research, and pay Google every time click on the ad.


Whatever your budget, with Google Adwords, you can broadcast your ads on Google and its ad network and you only pay when users click your ads and you decide what is you maximum daily budget, so there is no surprise.
If you use correctly Google AdWords to get targeted traffic, you can literally boost your sale getting more potential costumer on your website. Another important advantage is that the traffic comes almost right after you start the advertising campaign.
But if one day you really succeed, you must avoid the top 20 mistakes using Google Adwords to get targeted traffic that are listed below:


  1. Put too much keywords in a single campaign, without any ad groups.
  2. Reduce your daily budget for keywords after the launch of the cam­paign.
  3. Make only the homepage of your site always as landing page.
  4. Bid keywords or long tail keywords randomly without using Google AdWords tool.
  5. Do not remove or modify an ads that generate a low CTR.
  6. Use only keywords made from 1 or 2 words. Targeted traffic will come only from long tail keywords (like “How to lose weight
  7. eating raw meet” is better and cheaper than “weight loss”).
  8. Use only one traffic making strategy: Pay-Per-Click without considering Articles, SEO or SocialBookmarking.
  9. Neglecting the geographic targeting (countries, Department, city…).
  10. Copy ads from competitors… they might have higher budget than you ;)
  11. Do not think of misspellings on keywords leaders (“retaurant”, “retsaurant”, “restauratn”,…).
  12. Using the same keywords in several of its cam­pagnes.
  13. Do not follow the evolution of the campaign. Maybe some ads have a low CTR and cost you a lot.
  14. Believing that its Quality Score will automatically improve without improvement of the campaign.
  15. Always looking for high-traffic keywords and forget keywords ‘exact’ research with very little traffic.
  16. Reduce its CPC as soon as it arrived in the first positions. The best way to drop…
  17. Believe that a Quality Score is based only on your daily budget or CPC of your keywords to get the top position.
  18. Keep inactive keywords in their campaigns.
  19. Do not test the display of your ads using AdWords visualization tools.
  20. Do not calculate their conversion rates.
  21. Thinking that Google AdWords is a vacuum of money without profit.


There is a lot of other mistake that beginners make when starting with Pay-Per-Click advertising. But keep in mind that using Google Adwords to get targeted traffic is really working and generate millions to the top marketer.

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